Quicken Home, Business, & Rental Property for Windows Subscription - Very Slow - Solved

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For months the version of Quicken I used has been very, very slow. Seems to be freezing and not responding at start up. Seems to be freezing and not responding when downloading after market close stock data. Has been very slow in backing up data. It's been very frustrating in the last few months. Did all the suggested remedies, including several file validations, all to no avail until today. So, today the software updated itself, as it usually does. All the problems have been solved. The software is now as responsive as ever.

This is the update that seems to have solved all the problems:

Date update: Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Version: R51.10


Windows 10 Enterprise

Dear Quicken engineers, please don't [mess] it up now. This is a good version of Quicken. Finally, it's running properly with no hesitation, freezing, or delays. Oh, what a relief.

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