Digital Federal Credit Union STILL doesn't see all accounts

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A year and a half in, I still can't download all my DCU accounts. Attempting to enable a subset for download doesn't list them as available.

I have ~23 under my member number, about 18 of which are NOT downloadable. None of the CDs (IRA or regular) are available to download; the savings, checking, credit card accounts are. This all worked before DCU's flawed upgrade. Entering interest manually every month is painful.

Additionally, it is impossible to reconcile accounts where the available balance differs from the actual balance. The download is using the available balance for the Online balance. This happens when an account has a minimum balance requirement, such as the primary savings, which reserves $5. So the Online balance is always $5 less than the statement balance. For "advantage savings", the minimum balance (and offset) is $0.01.

DCU calls this a Quicken problem - which will magically be resolved when (if) Quicken migrates to a new and improved connection method (apparently it currently uses web scraping). There is no date for this migration, and no reported progress. I've escalated as far as I can with DCU - and gotten nowhere.

I don't care which solution is implemented - fix the web scraping, or migrate to this new connection method. Quicken before the "subscription model" increased costs and before the DCU "new and improved website" worked. A year and a half is more than enough time for the finger pointing to stop and the problems to be solved. Pick one and do it!

What does it take to get Quicken to take this seriously?

Quicken Windows 10 Enterprise R51.10 Build


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    I'm having a similar issue. I opened a CD with DCU and Quicken doesn't see this account. Is there a way for me to manually add this account?

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    What does it take to get Quicken to take this seriously?

    IMHO, a complaint sent to the office of the president of DCU should get the ball rolling.
    Follow this up with a phone call to Quicken Support and request research and escalation to the 2nd Tier support team.

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