Paycheck Wizard - pre-tax items going to retirement/401k accounts?

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Was wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

Quicken for Windows version R51.10


I can dupe this 100% of the time.

If I create a Paycheck via the Wizard (vs. an Income Reminder), there's some pre-built categories under Pre-tax like "401k" or something. When I link that (under the category/account) to the 401k account, and save it, Quicken reverts the category back to the Checking Account that the NET pay goes into. If I got to the Calendar View and EDIT the future entries and "correct" it, and save it, Quicken reverts it back.

Does this regardless of employer/401k account (I have two employers/401k accounts).

IF, you do an Income Reminder (PITA because you have to manually input all the split items), then it works fine.

BTW, Ticket opened with Quicken, but for some reason after an hour, the rep is "hung up" on the fact that a) the paycheck is from Home Depot (who cares, it's just a name) and that b) I'm wanting to put the pre-tax money directly into the correct account. They keep insisting I need to put the money into the checking account and then manually create a transfer (which obviously messes up your bank statements because those transactions never happen/exist).


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    Duplicated in a blank/new Quicken file as well. Definitely a bug in paycheck Wizard. We'll see if an other hour+ with tech support will convince them this is an issue.

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    Well good news/bad news.

    1. Level 2 Tech support duplicated the issue.
    2. They also confirmed my observations that "earlier" versions (sometime last year?) did NOT have the problem. Hence this is a bug
    3. The issue also only shows up if you enter 0.00 for the "transfer" values. (ie, my one paycheck is hourly and varies widely).
    4. The good news/workaround is to put like $1.00 in for the "transfers" and then it won't revert back to the checking account.

    I did ask that they at the very least, put a KB or something together since a bug fix is probably unlikely any time soon (plus there's more pressing issues, IMO, like downloads that need to be fixed ASAP).

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    You are not alone…see this discussion from earlier this month. It is the reason I plan to stay on R50.16 until the paycheck bug is fixed. After what Quicken did to corrupt people's ALREADY-ENTERED HISTORICAL paychecks when they attempted to introduce a Roth 401k deduction in the paycheck wizard, I am not budging from R50.16 until I see on this forum that the paycheck wizard has been thoroughly fixed.

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