Unable to delete Customers from Address Book (HB&RP)


I have 5000 Records (or more) in Address Book : <Customers>. Apparently this is the limit and the number of records is causing issues creating new invoices. In a copy of my database I have been able to delete 100% of the records and the issue with new invoices is solved - but I have now lost hundreds of customer records I need to keep.

Although painfully tedious I have started skimming through the list and deleting records I no longer wish to keep - only to have them reappear after a few minutes. The number of records in the address book shows 5000 Records and as the records are deleted - 1 at a time/10 at a time/100 at a time/1000 at a time this 5000 indicator won't budge. Unless I select 100% of the records then it works.

I tried exporting the address book to a .csv file / deleting all of the records in Quicken and importing 100 of the records back into the address book. This process works BUT the records are imported into the "Unassigned" Group in the address book and won't show up in quick fill for new invoices - which is the reason I need to keep the records. There appears to be no option to add records to the QuickFill list except one-at-a-time. There is an option to assign records to groups but <Customers> isn't in the list and even it were I have no idea if that would even change the QuickFill status.

I can re-enter new customer records one at a time as new orders come in but this is an undesirable last resort.

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