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Recently, for a period of several weeks, quicken misclassified a cash credit in my brokerage account as a security with the abbreviation CASH:NASDAQ. It thought the ~$7,000 was 7,000 shares of this security, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This has screwed up my net worth and investment performance graphs by inserting a major spike and precipitous drop that never happened. For whatever reason, my brokerage shares only portfolio data with quicken, not transaction data, so I can't just go in and edit the transactions. Any ideas about how to fix the data?


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    You don't say which brokerage this is, but have you looked at the account Settings under Investment Tracking Method to see if Detailed tracking can be selected for this account? If so, that will give you access to edit the transactions.

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    Thanks for the tip—looks like the brokerage doesn't support detailed tracking, though.

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