What is happened to my beloved Quicken program??

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I have been using Quicken for many years…at least 15 years. I have worked through several changes and glitches over that time, but I always preferred the functionality over other solutions (I like the cash forecasting and expense classification functionality the best), so I just dealt with the problems.

Lately I've begun to lose faith in the product. I am having to check and recheck that my numbers are accurate. From one day to the next I may have data that is duplicated or suddenly disappears. Transfers get posted to the wrong accounts, scheduled billing dates are skipped, items reappear days later after I already made all the corrections to the numbers…it is incredibly frustrating, and I simply don't trust what I'm looking at without a detailed review every time I do my finances.

I'm not sure what is happening, but I hope it gets fixed soon. All technology companies are cutting costs so maybe you just aren't able to keep up. But to me, this seems like a basic lack of QA in the development process. Every time something new rolls out it creates a new issue or resurrects one that I thought was fixed. Your prices are too high for these issues. I'm just one customer, but I'm a patient one. If I am contemplating throwing in the towel, I have to guess many others are. I hope this gets back on track soon.


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    Over 30 years with QW but I am actively looking for a replacement. Same issues , crashes, spinning wheels.

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    Been with Quicken seems like forever and the reason is that even with need to determine workarounds for bugs time to time it allows me to budget, track and plan my finances the way that I want to do it…Have looked at many alternatives over the year hopings for the holy grail and it is not out there at least yet. But I am retired so have time, run Quicken on the desktop avoiding all the issues associated with sync, deal with my cash account in my fidelity investment account manually and keep Quicken in the C:\Root…..It works for me….

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    My biggest use of Quicken is bill pay. That has been destroyed… some bills that I've paide ("checkpay") don't get sent - just got a LATE FEE from my bank after finding out that Quicken actually didn't send a payment.

    REALLY losing trust and usefulness! They better get this thing fixed fast.

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    Still looking for explanations re why Quicken Home Inventory is no longer supported, especially at the Premier level. Documenting and valuing tangible household goods seem to me to be fundamental to sound personal financial management. Am now reconsidering whether to renew at the Premier level or even renew at all.

    Very limited QHI functionality on Windows 11. It seems I can add or delete items from the summary view but unable to access the detailed view for any item or change any data.

    Any insights? Thanks.

  • RML84
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    Hate to say it, but you are all right.

    For the last two years, there was a bug in the calendar function. Auto enter would not work. So I had to do it manually.

    Guess what? They fixed it in the last update loaded today! So now all the auto entries worked - plus all of my manual entries for the same items…! So my totals were $1000s off. Fixed some of it but in the end just plugged a correction.

    What a dissapointment the program has become…

  • kg8188khgerard
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    If you want the basics…
    * Bank register with reconciliation functionality
    * Download of transactions from accounts
    * Transfers between accounts
    * Categorization of income/expenses
    * Entering income and expense schedules for projections
    * Calculation of projected balances as of specific dates

    Is there a competitor? I have struggled to find one but will keep looking. Come on Quicken…just please fix your stuff.

  • whodiini
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    If you want my suggestion, here it is from personal experience

    Quicken goes from stable version to unstable versions (many) before getting back to a stable version. So the trick is to identify what the stable versions are and sticking with that version until identifying the next stable version and making it relatively easy to test and eliminate unstable versions.

    For me, the last stable version is R50.13 and ones after that including 51.10 crash.

    So I start first with a backup of a validated file, then fresh install R50.13 by deleting the current version and installing a fresh version, then do a mondo update to R50.13. Restore the backed up quicken file and verifying it is stable. Then refuse any update to quicken. When you have time, backup the quicken file, MAKE A RESTORE POINT IN WINDOWS so you can easily get back to this quicken version. Then install the latest quicken version, and see if it works ok. If not, restore the windows restore point back to R50.13 and keep using the stable version. At some point in the distant future, you should find a version that is stable. The last prior stable version for me was about 10 versions prior, to give an idea how many versions it takes to get another stable version.

    I dont care about the new features if it makes quicken crash, so that is my strategy right now on how to use Quicken.

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    I'm tired of being the beta-tester for their patches. They fix one thing and break something else.

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