27 July Update Quicken Mac created a mess

William Fisher
William Fisher Member ✭✭

balances WAY off in many accounts. Says Truist Bank no longer allowing downloads. When I try to reconnect vis Quicken Connect just spins


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    The previous Quicken.app version can be found in your macOS Trash (if you didn't empty the trash). Your previous data file can be found at (user) > Library > Application Support > Quicken > Backups > Automatic Backups > BACKUP (Pre-Update) - (filename) (date).quickenbackup

    Try reverting to these and see if everything looks good. Then after stashing a backup and copy of the previous Quicken.app file, try to update again and see if it was a one time glitch.

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