Auto Fill Payee and Memo line

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Is there a preference to tell Quicken not to duplicate the memo line of the previous transaction when the autofilling the payee populates the category in a new transaction?


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    Yes there is! Go to Quicken > Settings > Register, then at the bottom you will see these settings:

    If Automatically create rule is checked, then QuickFill rules will be created each time you make a new transaction. If All Fields is selected, this will include the Memo field. You will want to change All Fields to Category Only. Then future QuickFill rules will be saved with only the category.

    You may need to edit existing QuickFill rules that were already created with the Memo filled in to prevent those from autofilling going forward. While editing a QuickFill rule, you can also lock it to prevent it from changing due to future transaction edits. You can find the list of existing QuickFill rules under menu Window > Payees & Rules > QuickFill Rules.

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