Problem with quote prices no longer updating for equity option holdings on the Investment tab

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This seems to be an historical issue for some, but I've traded in options for several years now without any problems with updating options quotes until sometime in the past two months. In my case, I manually enter the options trades into my investment accounts, but the accounts themselves are not connected for online transaction downloads. As a result, I'm dependent on the Investment tab "Update" button and/or the "quote and investing headline updates" feature of the One Step Update function. Previous posts regarding option quote downloads via the Investment tab have all been closed without resolution.

I had a chat with agent about this problem a week ago, who issued a ticket number and told me that it would be escalated as it has been a problem experienced by many users. I subsequently followed up today via chat with an agent who could not provide any information regarding its status, and who told me he had to closed my ticket because our chat was ending despite not having any resolution to the problem.

If it truly is a known issue that is being experienced by many users, I am hoping that a moderator could post this in the "Alerts, Online Banking & Known Product Issues" section so that we could track any progress (or lack thereof) without having to go through the process of contacting a support agent and wasting their time.

Could any community member with further information regarding the progress being made on this issue or regarding any resolution please respond this post? Also, to any moderator, please do not close this post before resolution of this issue.

Thanks in advance, all.


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    I wonder whether it's simply a ticker symbol problem. If you're entering the option trades manually, how do you know what ticker to use?

    I used to write covered calls in an account which was connected online in Quicken. I would let the brokerage send the the initial short sell transaction so the option's symbol would come from the broker.

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    Options , I’ve been doing this for several years on Quicken without any issue until a couple of months ago. The symbol format to use when manually entering an option in Quicken is based on the OCC Option Symbol format, but slightly different — the underlying stock symbol field is not padded to 6 spaces, rather it’s only followed by one space.

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