Why isn't quickfill working??? (Q Mac)

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Payee name matches, I type in the category, then check the box "save quickfill rule for this payee" then nothing happens. It doesn't change the category of the other transactions with the same payee. I believe this used to work flawlessly and was the main reason I bought the program.


  • prettyannoyed

    Talked to support and they told me the feature doesn't work. Is this true? Anybody else experiencing this? It used to work flawlessly

  • prettyannoyed

    They said it doesn't work for past transactions.

  • Jon
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    I don't believe Quickfill rules get applied to existing transactions that have already been downloaded, only to transactions that get downloaded in the future. (Renaming rules can be applied to existing transactions but those only change the payee name.)

    If you want to change the category on all the existing transactions simultaneously, you can select all of them in the register, right click on any one of them & select Edit Transaction, then fill in the new category to be applied & it will change the category on all of them. If there are a lot of these transactions spread over a wide range of dates, use the search function to display only the payees that you want to recategorize.

  • RickO
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    Jon and support are correct: QuickFill rules don't get applied retroactively.

    A couple of caveats about Jon's multi-edit suggestion:

    1. If the payee is spread across multiple accounts, you will want to search for it in the All Transactions group register or Banking (if the payee is not used in investments) to catch them all at once.
    2. The multi-transaction edit will not change any category on a split line of a split transaction. You will need to edit those one by one.

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