Quicken for Mac to Quickbooks Desktop for Windows via Quicken for Windows nightmare.

gregcscc Member

I currently am using Quicken for Mac subscription. I am wanting to move to Quickbooks for Windows Desktop per a request from my BOD Chair.

This is what I've researched so far. The only way to do this is to export the Quicken Transfer File out of Mac. Done. Then I've got to import into Quicken deluxe by way of Quicken Transfer Format because there is no way to transfer directly to QBDT for Windows. Done. Lots of wrong data on windows deluxe subscription. Liability accounts are almost all wrong. I've spent hours and could spend a month trying to figure it all out. Then I need to import into Quickbooks Desktop 2018 for Windows. Don't even guess what it would take to get it to QB for Mac. Ugh.

So…what do I do with all of the wrong data that was imported from Quicken for Mac subscription into Windows Deluxe subscription? No errors were found on the import. However, many transactions are just missing data for amounts. Not just one or two but all over the place. I'm talking tons of dates and amounts that are missing data. I've rebuilt and verified but no difference. HELP!

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