Anyone else having issues with Q Windows report functionality after R51.12 update?

Toucan Bob
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Since I updated to R51.12 yesterday morning I seem to have lost the Balance column on several of the reports. The interesting think is that in one of my data files (I switch between two), in a transaction report I can see two customization options that say "amount". And they actually show up as two columns with exactly the same data. I remember the second "amount" column used to be a running balance. AND, with the other data file, the two customization options don't appear - only one. Any ideas what's going on?



  • UKR
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    In some reports, when you select the Customize gear icon, there will be a "Reset Columns" button. Try it and see if that helps.
    If you're working with Saved Reports and had to make changes to customization settings, remember to re-save the report, replacing the old saved report copy. If all else fails, try creating a new report from scratch.

  • Toucan Bob
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    All "reset columns" does for me is check every available option. It certainly doesn't add any columns that weren't there previously.

    One report in particular I'm noticing this is in the "Customer Report" for a client, accessed from the gear icon when in the Customer Invoices register. This report used to list each individual transaction for a customer along with a cumulative total showing the balance beside each transaction. No longer. Only the transaction amount shows, no running balance. I used this feature a LOT.

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