Migrate Quicken to new PC (Quicken 2015) [Edited]

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I just purchased new laptop with Win 11. My old PC had Win 7. My Quicken version is Deluxe 2015. My entire financial life is on Quicken. I don't want to purchase a subscription as my current application does all I need it to do. Unfortunately I do not have the original disks. But at one time several years ago my app became corrupted. I contacted Quicken at that time and the customer service rep allowed me to download files that restored my app. The two files are named: QW2015R8MPatch.exe & QW2015R10MPatch.exe. But I don't know if they just patched my corrupted app or did a clean install.

Is there any way to safely migrate the application to another PC? I recognize that many app files are scattered in folders as well as the huge footprint the app has in the registry.

Would appreciate any suggestions.




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    Those are patch installers. You need the original Quicken 2015 installation program. You could try eBay but be careful.

    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
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    Thanks. I was afraid of that.


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    You say you bought a new laptop, is it a PC or a Mac?

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