Outstanding invoices in Bills tab

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I am trying to setup reminders in the Bills tab for the invoices I send to my customers so I can track payments. When the Invoice is sent, I go to Bills → Add Invoice Reminder → Select Payment from customer → Select the customer. I am expecting to see the outstanding invoices here in this window. But I dont see any. What am I missing ?


  • UKR
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    Have the reminders been recorded, i.e., made into real Customer Invoices, so they appear as transactions in the Customer Invoices account register yet?

    BTW, you don't need to set up reminders for every invoice you send unless you are dealing with recurring invoices (like monthly subscription fees).

    A faster way to record a "New Customer Payment" transaction is to open the Customer Invoices account register. Click the gear icon at the top right of the register and select "New Customer Payment".

    You can also customize the action bar of the account register and add functions like "New Customer Invoice", "New Customer Payment", etc. icons to appear next to the action gear icon. Now you have one-click access to these functions.

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