Unable to download CC transactions at Credit Union (Q Mac)

frankfurter Member ✭✭✭

Howdy folks - I recently switched banks to Credit Union of America. It consists of two accounts - a checking, and a savings. I am able to connect them to Quicken via Quicken Connect with no issues.

I later opened a Visa Credit Card through them. While Quicken was able to see the account and add it along with the other two accounts, it doesn't seem to download transactions. It doesn't error, it just doesn't download. I am sure I have posted transactions that should download.

The credit union confirms that I should be able to download CC transactions, and if it's not working, call Quicken. Sigh.

The reason I think they may be incorrect is that the CC is handled by a 3rd party site. While the credit union displays all three accounts on their page (cuaonline.cuofamerica.com), including the CC balance, it does not show CC transactions. There is a link in the CC section of their page that tells you to "click here" for transactions, and that launches a new window that takes you to dxonline-apps-s2-cloud.pscu.com to see the detail.

So what say you? Has anyone encountered a similar situation? The CC website offers an export, but it's CSV, and Quicken won't import it.

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