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In early July I got a message about a change in how account transactions would be downloaded and to update the downloads for all accounts. I did and each one now has a double account. The newly added one for each account only shows the bank transactions. And while these are correct, I have to go back and manually add them to the original account. Makes the downloads almost useless. I tried to delete and redo them but the same thing happens. I'm on a Mac subscription. Thoughts? Thanks.


  • Jon
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    It sounds like when you disconnected & reconnected your accounts, you didn't get reconnected to your old accounts but created new accounts instead. Disconnect the new accounts then go back and reconnect your old accounts, and when you get to this screen:

    make sure the Action pulldown says Link to: with the correct account name. It should NOT say "Add as new account".

  • RickO
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    Also, you don't have to manually add the transactions to the original account. What you should do is drag and drop all transactions from the old account (except those that are already in the new account), to the new account in the sidebar. Then delete the old account. Back up first.

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    Thank you will try these.

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