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Shelley Belle
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I am having difficulties with the Chase download. My current problem is that all of a sudden a credit card account (Amazon Prime) I have had for years is not functioning. When I go to reauthorize, it shows up on the list of my Chase accounts in the first step where it show you all the account currently connected but then when I go to the next step it is not included as one to link or add.

Tried everything I can think of. Please advise.



  • UKR
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    Please try this:

    • Go into Edit Account Details / Online Services tab and make sure the account is really deactivated.
    • Close Quicken, wait a few seconds and restart it.
    • Use the Add Accounts process ("+" icon in Account Sidebar title line) to pretend to add this account again.
    • When you get to the list of accounts found at the bank be sure to click the Add/Link/Don't add button, select Link and select the existing account register.

  • Shelley Belle
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    Let me try to clarify why it's not that simple. When I select "Set up now" for the credit card account that is deactivated, this is what happens. The account is included in the "What do you want to share"
    list and is checked but then when I go to the next step "Activate One Step" is not on the list so there is no way to link it. I don't understand why the account is dropped as an option to link from one step to the next since it's checked.

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