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I forgot to balance my checking account last month. I Didn't realize it until I got this month's account statement from the bank. So I got onto my bank's web site, downloaded last month's statement, and went about doing the reconciling in Quicken. When I finished, it showed a huge difference — probably due to the fact that I had a whole bunch of later transactions from after the end of last month's statement. Quicken offered to enter an adjustment in my register to bring things into balance. I didn't want to do that, however, because I figured that balancing the next month's statement would take care of it. However, Quicken wouldn't let me tell it to not enter that adjustment. All I could do was to uncheck all the transactions I had checked and exit out of quicken. Is there anything I can do here? The only thing I can think of is to delete all of the transactions from the beginning of last month's statement, and then entering them all back in again, but this time do a balance as soon as I move to beginning of the next statement. That would be a huge amount of work however. Is there something else I can do?


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    Time out — Your "probably due to" assumption is absolutely wrong. So don't be deleting any transactions.

    I'll assume you are downloading transactions from the financial institution to Quicken.

    First thing to check — Is the Opening Balance for the account correct, all the way back to the very first transaction in the register. There has been a recent spate of problems where that value has gotten dinged and thrown everything after that off. I have all my such transactions at $0 which makes it easier. Many users are copying the correct value into the memo field for future reference in case it happens again. If you can't otherwise determine the correct value, you may need to temporarily restore an older backup file to get that value. Do not overwrite your current file in doing so.

    Second, on the Reconcile screen if things are out of balance, there is a Finish Later button that lets you move forward without the Balance Adjustment transaction.

    See if those thoughts get you back on track.

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