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Quicken Bill Pay Enabled for Quick Pay, Enabled for Check Pay ... need help enabling it

cGoldCountry Member, Windows Beta Beta

I am using the latest Quicken H/B R51.12 for Windows, Win10 Pro, and on Win11 Beta Enterprise.

  1. My primary checking account was hacked last March 2023. Quicken Check Pay worked before, yet now now matter if I sign out of my Quicken H/B Account, sign back in or try to RE-Enable Check pay it says it can not.
  2. To try to get it to work i need to put two temp desposits in my checking that I will see the next day.
  3. When I log back in to Quicken to input the two deposits both Bill Pay and Check pay are not Enable, so I can't click to input the the small temp amounts.
  4. So I disable, again, and Enable, to start the process… yet it will not ever wait until the next day with ENABLE ready to be clicked on to input the two amounts that show up tomorrow. I have tried a dozen times.
  5. Please assist in getting Bill Pay, and with H/B, you get five Check Pays too… at least that is what I remember when it was working.
  6. Could it be, that I have a new Primary Checking account with YET, I input all the new ME information, including the address, routing number, checking number… Several times. Still a No Go.

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