Why does my Investing Tab error out when I select it?

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On Quicken Windows R51.12 Home Business & Rental - When I click on the Investing tab , I am getting the following:

Since it is the menu choice, it has nothing to do with dates. Then Quicken shuts down. It's been on and off over the past month, run validate, logged out of data file and back in but now the above error is pretty constant. Can access all the ledgers and manage things that way, but can't see any of the reports


  • bmciance
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    Since you can get to the registers, have you checked to see if you have an investment transaction with a date way out in the future or way in the past (in other words, an erroneous date that could be causing a problem with the Investing tab?)

  • gg3305
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    Yes, sorted top to bottom on all 14 investment accounts nothing out of range or "blank".

    Currently rebuilding the cost on all accounts.

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