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Quicken for Windows allows users to review downloaded transactions before posting into the register via the "Auto Entry" setting. I cannot find a similar setting in Quicken for Mac. Is there anyway to stop the automatic posting of downloaded transactions? I like to review transactions before posting.


  • RickO
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    It works differently, but the end result is the same. Make sure the Status column (the column header is a black dot) is visible in the register. When new transactions are downloaded, there will be a blue dot in that column. When you review each transaction, click blue to to Mark Reviewed (the dot will disappear). If you want to see only unreviewed transactions, click the Status filter at the top of the register and select Not Reviewed.

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  • Jean A Harris

    Having difficulty updating one of my Chase accounts. The rest of the accounts update without a problem except for one. I have requested an update several times, but the download does not go in automatically.

  • carrier30075

    Thanks RickO - You're right, slightly different mode but same end result. That'll work

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