Quicken Will Not Update My Password

cmelton911 Member

I had to change my username and password for my bank. I have done the following:

  1. Clicked the One Step Update button
  2. Clicked the "Key" next to the account.
  3. Clicked Update Password
  4. Entered New Username and Password
  5. Clicked" Update"

I get a dialogue box that says by information was updated; however, when I go back and look it is still my former username.

Any suggestions would be welcome.



  • UKR
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    In the Password Vault you can only change the password.

    To change the username of an account, you need to deactivate this account and all others using the same username.
    When done with deactivating stop and restart Quicken. Create a backup of your Quicken data file.
    Use the Add Accounts function ("+" icon in the Accounts Sidebar title) to add these accounts back. Use the new username and password to sign on.
    When on the list of accounts found at the bank, for each account listed click the Add / Link button. Set it to Link and select the correct account register name from the mini selection list. Do not crosslink accounts (like savings with checking, etc.) or you won't like the results!

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