Allow payment by Credit Cards


When completing a bill reconciliation, the user is offered the opportunity to schedule a payment, with one option being to print a check and the other to prepare a hand-written check. A dropdown offers checking-type bank accounts for payment. However, more and more vendors (such as internet and cell phone companies) will direct charge a credit card. It would be helpful to have that as an option, with the chance to enter the scheduled payment date. What I have to do now is record it as a hand-written check, then switch to my checking account, change the date to the scheduled date of the auto-payment, then move the transaction from Checking to the proper credit card account.

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  • UKR
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    Do you track your cell phone bill, for example, as a separate account register in Quicken?
    IMHO, that's not necessary.
    A regular Scheduled Reminder paying said bill from a credit card account would do the job just fine.
    And since you use the biller's Autopay direct debit system, recording this reminder before the Due Date is all you need to do every month.
    When you download transactions containing the paid bill's debit information, Quicken will match the downloaded information to the already existing register transaction and you're all set.