Deposit entries showing up in multiple accounts (Q Mac)

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Recently I noticed that manual deposit entries in a savings account are also showing up in a retirement account. Deleting them from the retirement account also deletes them from the savings account. I am using Quicken for Mac 2017 Version 4.8.6 (Build 48.20336.100) and the problem appears to have begun in December of 2021. When I enter a new deposit, say for interest earned, the entry also shows up in my IRA account.


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    You likely have a linked transfer that is being picked up from a previous transaction. Do this: in the savings account, click menu View > Columns and enable the Transfer column. In the transaction in question, you will likely see the IRA account listed in the Transfer column. Clear the Transfer column, save the transaction and the entry in the IRA account will be gone. Hopefully this will also prevent the transfer from auto-filling for future entries.

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