Missouri Most access is not doing what I expect...

pitosalas Member

I have successfully connected my Missouri MOST 529 account to Mac Quicken. I have three accounts there. I have set up an aggregator password. The connection succeeds, Quicken displays the correct balance for all three accounts. in the confirmation dialog, and there are no errors.

But, when it's all done, the balance shown is $0 for each one.



  • Fergy5
    Fergy5 Member

    I am confused here too. My Missouri MOST 529 stopped downloading transactions in April, 2023. Then I tried to add a new 529 account (on 9/12/2023) under Missouri MOST, and they are no longer listed as a financial institution option.

  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited September 2023

    There's an entry in the list for "MOST Missouri 529 Savings" that connects to missourimost.org, have you tried that?

    Edit: There's another entry for "Missouri Saving For Tuition - Non Aggregator" that also connects to missorimost.org.

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