Annoying multi-factor authentication (MFA) while downloading

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I have several accounts at financial institutions which now require multi-factor authentication while downloading into Quicken.

MFA is a wonderful security tool for accessing an FI's website. However when updating a large number of accounts on Quicken, needing to repeatedly go through an MFA process while downloading becomes a time waster. As Quicken should already have validated with the FI's servers, this extra step seems unnecessary.

Quicken please see if there is a way to prevent the FI's from requiring MFA when we are downloading through Quicken.

Current offenders are EverBank (formerly TIAA Bank) and HSA Bank.



  • Travis Enders
    Travis Enders Member ✭✭

    I was getting First Bank Card popping up for both of my accounts a few weeks ago, that stopped and now I'm getting Wells Fargo the last couple days. If I'm not paying attention when it's downloading, it never continues and I keep being in this endless loop of choosing where to send the code and never getting a code.

  • lallen0810

    I am having the same situation with scheduled updates. Quicken sits on the request for the MFA code and once I have selected where to send the code, it will continue but never sends a code for me to enter and never presents a field to enter the code. But it does complete. HOWEVER, when you then launch Quicken it goes back into update mode asking for the MFA Code again and you are back into the same loop. If you cancel the task, Quicken will then load but has not updated the accounts, which requires a manual update and again, Quicken asks for the MFA code which works this time.

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