Add Account - Unable to set up new account -- "not my fault"

calliparic Member ✭✭

Has anyone achieved success in integrating their account into Quicken R51.12 while using Windows 11? Like many other users, I have encountered the error message, not my fault. Similar to earlier posts on this subject, a definitive solution appears elusive. Quicken assigned ticket number 10424273, instructing me to escalate upon my return call. Today, during my follow-up call, the technician guided me through the same troubleshooting steps as a previous representative, though this time, reluctance to escalate persisted until my insistence grew. Unfortunately, I wasn't directly transferred to the escalation team but rather informed by the technician that I had no recourse other than to refer back to the bank. The time squandered with Quicken's technical support is unacceptable; even after escalation, a resolution remains elusive. It's preposterous that Quicken's support personnel furnish unhelpful responses to mask their unfamiliarity with the product.

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