How do I merge two CC accounts into one?

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I have two credit cards/accounts associated with a top-level account. When I try to add the top-level account to Quicken for Mac, I can only add the individual card accounts and not the top-level account. This is a problem because payment transactions to the top-level account are not distributed across both card accounts, just one. This is a problem! How can I add just the top-level account to Quicken? Or, how can I merge the two accounts so ALL transactions get reported to one account?


  • RickO
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    It's up to the bank how it represents your account(s) to Quicken. There's nothing you can do in Quicken to make it see what the bank considers two separate accounts to show as one in Quicken.

    That said, I can think of some possible workarounds:

    1. You could make payments to the bank for each card's balance separately, then if both payments show up in one account, you could drag and drop it to the 2nd account.
    2. You could make one payment to the bank, then enter a separate Transfer transaction in one account showing the funds being moved (credited) to the second account.
    3. After each download, you could drag and drop all transactions from the secondary account to the primary account, leaving the secondary account's register perpetually empty. Yes, that's an extra step every time you download.
    4. You could contact the bank and see if there's anything they can and will do to combine the accounts into one that is sent to Quicken (doubtful).

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    Thank you for the reply. The bank, in this case, is Chase and I've been asking them since July 6th (literally DOZENS of messages) to fix the phone number associated with my account, so I'm guessing this issue will be like asking them to cure cancer. 😂 Their support process is absurdly incompetent, but I'll try.

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