Can't Re-Activate Account Downloads

Alan Berow
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In the process of fixing another issue (Discover downloads), I tried the sign-out and sign-in trick. It worked for this account; however, it or some other troubleshooting step caused me to need to reactivate all accounts. This worked for all accounts except a Capital One account. When I try to activate it, it grays the screen and does not open the set up account window. Task Manager shows memory usage for Quicken, but no CPU time, disk use, or network use. It is necessary to use the Task Manager to kill the process. I tried logging out and back in. The problem remains.

This appears to be the same issue as, which was closed without a resolution.

I am running Quicken for Windows version R51.12, build on Windows 10 Enterprise

It is frustrating to solve one problem and creating two more.


  • ramsfancr
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    Same problem. It has been over a year now and I have to manually input activity from Chase, AMEX, PayPal, etc. I am not wondering when this will be fixed. I keep trying. I know Countabout has no issues connecting, but I like the Quicken features better. Empower also has no problem, but I like Quicken's features better. When is this going to be fixed?

  • Alan Berow
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    ramsfacr - thank you for sharing that this is not just my problem. If you choose to try what I did, please read the full post first as it caused some other issues, which took a few hours and a lot of anxiety to resolve. The tech support person to whom I chatted directed me to save a copy of my qdf file on my c: drive, then log out and log back in and go the copy. I then moved and renamed the qdf file to the original name after renaming the original qdf. In case I missed a step, you might want to contact technical support and hope you reach someone who knows that process. You can refer them to ticket 10433837.

    That resolved the Discover issue that Quicken fixed, but caused me to lose access to download all other bank accounts. They had to be re-established [right click on account name in Accounts list of Register, Edit/Delete Account, Online services tab, Set up Now…]. That worked for all accounts except the Capital One charge card.

    After the initial sync, I noticed several duplications. I believe these were charge card purchases where I used Google Pay and showed up with that name. I also noticed a change in my Discover Card and main checking account balances. I downloaded the account file into Excel - choose account, click gear icon in upper right, Export to Excel Workbook - .xlsx - so that I could find the missing transactions when I compared it to the Excel workbook exported after the process. Some of the alterations were 10+ years ago. I created a balance column in the spreadsheets - "=balance-in-row-above + transaction amount with the balance in the first row set to the first transaction amount (generally $0.00 as I had just opened the account). I checked a date with a single transaction a year or two after I opened the account. If there was a match between spreadsheets, I checked a later date. If there was not a match, I checked an earlier date. Eventually, I was able to find the missing transaction and enter it manually and set it to reconsiled in the "Clr" column of the register. After several rounds, the ending balances matched. I made a backup. After I reconcile each account against the supplier statement, I will stop holding my breath.

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