Downloaded Transaction History Categories

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I think found the source of my reconciliation frustration. I began using Quicken in January 2023. I downloaded transactions from my bank which go back to 2021 (is there a way to limit the dates?). Quicken automatically categorized transfers of the downloaded data to credit card accounts as a payment to the credit card from the credit card. It shows the payment to the credit card debiting from the checking account, it reduces the balance of the checking account accordingly but the checking account categorizes that the checking account is where the payment is going to.

If I change the category for the payment in the checking account from the checking account to the credit card, it shows a double credit on that date to the credit card, and only a single debit from the checking account.

I don't see an option to match the transactions.

What is the proper procedure for preventing the errors or correcting them? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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