Organize Billers in Bills & Income (Q mac)

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** I need a way to organize billers. **
I have 28 billers set up in Bills & Income. Most of them are set up for Quick Pay and get bill information automatically. I also set up non-automated billers so I have a dashboard of everything I need to pay. Perhaps organize by Tag so that I have the flexibility to group them as I need. For example, I have a primary residence and rental residence. I could group billers this way, or use another Tag and have the option to group by TAG A or TAG B, etc. Perhaps a TABBED interface by Tag would be better so I can see just what I need to pay for each grouping and hide some of the clutter. ALSO, in general it's hard to see at a glance what's been paid and what's upcoming. There's already too much clutter in the UI with bold text, blue dots, etc. so we don't need more of the same. Clean it up and make it obvious what's due, what's processing, and what's good with nothing due for a while by toning down or hiding what doesn't need attention. Group things, put some whitespace in there, etc etc. I am happy to collaborate on this with someone.

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