What to do when Quicken reinstall doesn’t work [expired Q Win subscription]

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I have had problems with Quicken not displaying the sign in screen. I am using an expired subscription and the sign in screen comes up blank, with no ability to input my ID and password. I tried correcting this using the instructions on this page: Reinstalling and patching your Quicken Subscription version after your membership has expired (Windows U.S. Version)

After doing this, I lost all ability to open my file. It briefly flashes on the screen and then goes to a blank screen. I spent two hours with two different Quicken support reps and neither could solve the issue. I followed the directions multiple times and wasted another Two hours. What can I do to start from scratch and reinstall a stable Quicken that will let me edit my files. I have the Deluxe version and have a subscription that expired approx 2 years ago. I would buy a new subscription now but the sign in issue makes me fear I still couldn’t access the program.
Why does Quicken make this so hard? It appears many others have run into problems like this.
Thank you in advance.


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    @GrandmaJo - have you tried installing an older Mondo Patch? Sometimes that works in fixing the issues you describe. Keep "moving backwards" by installing the next older patch and then try to log in to Quicken. Keep doing this until you find one that works. After you are able to log in successfully, then you can reinstall the appropriate (latest) Mondo Patch for your subscription version.

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