Quicken Home and Business for Windows. Rental - Tenant Setup - Category for Rent missing

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When I setup the Rental Property and then setup a Tenant and assign to that property, there is no where that I see to include the Income Category I wish the Rent to be recorded with. I have to manually enter that information every time after posting the Reminder that is created by the Tenant Setup dialogue box.

Is there something that I am missing? I know I can do a work around by deleting that reminder and setting up one of my own; however, I would then lose the ability to have Quicken create a rent receipt.


  • mshiggins
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    The only way to guarantee that rents received transactions are handled properly by Quicken Reminders (including getting correctly dated and categorized transactions), is to employ user-created rent Reminders.

    I tested in R50.16 and R51.12 and had no problem creating rent a rent receipt for tenants whose rent was recorded with a user-created rent Reminder.


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  • David37211
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    JP, thank you for the comment. I still think the product needs to be corrected so that the Property and Tenant setup will create a correct reminder that works correctly instead of forcing us to choose whether to update each transaction or to manually create the reminders.

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