Totals of search only correct if filter is All Dates


In a register, if I search transactions by using a word in a category I created as the search term the Balance shows the total of the transactions matching the search term. I don't even have to type the entire category name. So simple!

But when I change the date range filter to anything other than All Dates the balance doesn't add up (total) just the matching transactions.

To explain further - WITHOUT a date filter applied the first balance equals the first transaction, and each balance thereafter equals the total of the matching transactions up to that point in time. But WITH a date filter the first balance is a number that I can't find in the register, and throws off the balance from there on. Depending on the date range I choose (last 30, last 60, etc.) that first balance is different. So I have to manually find the difference in that first balance, then subtract that from the ending balance. What a PAIN!

Any ideas?

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