Liberty Media Reorg 8/4/23

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I was allocated the new shares but the old shares were never removed. Additionally, I do not get any message about being out of balance with Schwab. I am showing the old shares and new ones leading to a double counting of shares and $s.


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    a) Since I don't know what shares you owned to begin with nor what shares you now show, it is really hard to comment about what you should do or have.

    b) I would not rely on the brokerage to get the download into Quicken correct. If they don't get it right, you need to undo what they did and enter the correct transactions. But from your limited information, I can't tell you anything else.

    My reading of the Liberty Media press release would be that you might have a spinoff of some Liberty Live shares and a possible rename/reticker/re-match of your prior Liberty shares to a similarly named new version of those shares.

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