Deleting old data bug?

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For sometime I been wanting to delete old data back to 2006 through 2013. But I have tested it and it always leaves all the saving goal transactions, which I don't want. Seems Quicken has been asked to fix this and don't want to for whatever reason, I believe they focus more on online stuff which I don't use. I understand that puts me in minority of users.

So I figured a way around it. I only have 4 saving goals. So I decided to move all the saving goals amounts back to their home account. Then that leaves them with a balance of zero. Then I go in and delete the saving goal accounts. The first account I delete and type in the yes the Quicken programs hangs, screen goes blank after awhile and there is nothing but a blue circle blinking. After a long wait, I get a message program not responding, so I let it close. Then restarted Quicken and it looked as if the delete saving goal account worked on the one that hung and was closed? I deleted the other 3 saving goal account and they deleted in seconds- no hanging up. I checked balances and all was as they should be. I took screen shots prior to all this. Anyway all balanced regardless of that first hang of not responding and closing via not responding message were correct. Then I did a purge of old data prior to 01-01-2014 and all the old saving goal transactions were gone. Yea! All was well, but I was curious.

After thinking what took place and how the last 3 deleting of saving goals accounts worked fine, I did several tests. I have good backup, so I restored data file. Results are after moving the saving goals amounts back to their home account which zeros the balance- I MUST STOP Quicken and restart or it will hang on the first saving goal I try to delete. I tried this using several restores of data file and using different saving goals as first attempt to delete. It always hung on first delete of a saving goal -unless I stopped Quicken and restarted. Then the deleting of saving goal account went fine.

Also, I did a super validate prior to and after, they were always without error.


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    It kind of sad I have to do something like this as I lose all saving goals from the date I want to keep 2014 forward. Seems a simple programming job to remove all data including saving goal entries, but I don't know how that is stored. Quicken should just remove saving goals entries just like the other entries. I have shown it possible to get rid of them and it works fine as long as you restart after moving amounts back to home account. Having to restart makes no sense, but something gets reset, I tested it multiple times.

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