Charges are being downloaded during OneStep Update and applied as payments


First it was just PayPal Credit and PayPal Mastercard accounts. Interest charges were downloaded as payments.

Now it is Chase banking and downloading deposits and applying them as Payments.

I recently had to create a brand new quicken file because things were so messed up. Unfortunately this did not correct the issue. The ball is in your court. I have already submitted this issue to Quicken weeks ago regarding the PayPal issue.


  • volvogirl
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    Are the deposits/payments in the right columns? But the balance is going the wrong way? Here's some ideas. Oh, are you using the Payment Column and Deposit Column? If you are just using the Amount column we suggest using the 'Payment' & 'Deposit' columns and drop the 'Amount' column.

    First make sure you are sorted in Date order with the newest date at the bottom. If you are not then click the DATE Column heading to sort.

    Is the balance in red or black? Look back through your transactions and maybe you'll spot one that was entered backward. Or a payment in the deposit column or a deposit in the payment column. Look around back where this first started happening. Or a deposit (or payment) transaction got erased and is missing.

    If your deposits are subtracting from the balance then you could be running a negative balance and the deposit is really reducing the negative amount. So the balance will show a lower number.

    If your payments are adding to the balance then you could be running a negative balance and the payment is really increasing the negative amount and your account is over drafted.

    Also make sure you have the right starting balance. If it's zero you might need to add a beginning balance for when you started the account in Quicken. And put the beginning balance in the memo field in case it gets lost again. Sometimes an update will reset the beginning balance.

    Maybe the deposits (or payments) disappeared from the checking account because they were transfers from another account and maybe you changed the category on the other account to something else. Might want to check that.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • tabloidtrisha

    As for my Chase checking account.

    The deposits were downloaded as a deduction instead of a deposit so yes it made it appear as overdrawn.

    As for the PayPal Mastercard account the Interest Payments are being downloaded into the Payment column which causes my account balance to be less than what it actually is.

    This is nothing I am doing. It's another one of many Quicken bugs that I get to pay for on a yearly subscription. Subscription service was supposed to be better because frequent updates would keep Quicken running smoothly. NOT

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