Tags in Visa Updates

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Approximately 3 months ago, my tags for transactions in Quicken stopped showing up when I "update all accounts" in the Accounts menu.

I use the tags to identify transactions by individuals so I can identify what various individuals owe toward the bill.

Without the tags downloading I have to manually update them. How do I correct this?


  • UKR
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    Tags don't download from the bank. The bank knows nothing about your tags.
    Take a look at your Quickfill rules to check or set the correct Tag as needed.

    In more complicated Split category / Split Tag situations it might be best to manually record a correct register transaction BEFORE you download transactions from the bank. This allows Quicken to match the downloaded data to the already existing correct register transaction. If Quicken can't match, drop and drag the downloaded transaction over the existing register transaction to match manually.

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