Data File Password being asked to open file - Wont accept password and opening old file.

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I am running, Quicken for Windows 11 version R51.12; Updates, state that I have the latest version.

Quicken has worked beautifully all weekend long. Went this evening to sign on, and it is asking for a password - when I input my password to log on, it says it is invalid, and when I hit forgot password to try and reset - nothing happens.

When I select close, it closes the password screen and reopens a back up from December of 2022.

It will not let me restore - without asking for the password (see above circle).

Is anyone else having this problem? It will not let me proceed beyond this point.


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    The Data File Password is totally separate from the Quicken ID and Password.

    If Quicken asks for a data file password out of the blue, where no password previously existed …
    It looks to me as if your data file was damaged … somehow … I wouldn't know what went wrong last time you used Quicken. Did Quicken crash? Did your computer crash? Did Windows install updates and reboot while Quicken was running?

    Your only recourse is to restore your Quicken data file from the most recent available backup, either a Manual or an Automatic Backup that was taken before the problem first appeared.

    I hope your backup settings in Quicken (Edit / Preferences / Backup) are set to create a backup every [1] time you close Quicken and that you do close Quicken when you're done working with it for the day.

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    this was a random bug introduced with some Quicken update -

    a random Data File Password is requested, and the "forgot" click does nothing….
    The only recourse is to Restore …..

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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