Update/Download problems not resolved

Cap'n Jack
Cap'n Jack Member ✭✭

Quicken is not downloading properly. It updates the accounts but then creates another identical account showing $0.00 in it. This is happening to most of my Vanguard accounts. Here is the message I get:

and the accounts:

Any help?


  • seqkn
    seqkn Member ✭✭

    YES, I am having the same problem with the Mac version running the latest update. I tried deleting all the $0 accounts but they came back at the next Sync.

  • SCBuckeye
    SCBuckeye Member ✭✭

    I am having the same problem. It keeps creating a duplicate Centaurus investment account with zero balance. When deleted, it reappears on the next update.

  • Keranj
    Keranj Member

    Same problem. I was on with tech support for 90 minutes last Friday. They told me sit tight and do nothing….wait for Quicken to send me an email that it has been fixed. Very frustrating

  • Cap'n Jack
    Cap'n Jack Member ✭✭

    For those with the double account problem. I tried the suggestion posted in the "Double Account (Q Mac)" post of turning off Sync in Settings. It did not remove the error message but after I deleted all the $0.00 double accounts they did not reappear when I updated my accounts. I'm sure they'll resolve the Sync issue eventually. In the meantime you'll probably not have access to your accounts online ( I don't use the mobile app so I'm not sure about that).

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