Closed Card Still Downloading (Q Mac)

R Strax
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Recently I exchanged a branded Master Card at my bank for same brand VISA. The bank told me the account would continue the same but with a new card account number. I closed the old MC account in Quicken and opened the new VISA in my Quicken register. Now my card downloads are being duplicated into my old Master Card register and the new VISA register, even though the MC account is marked "closed" in Quicken and Quicken says no new downloads are permitted. I'm not sure why this is happening or how to fix these duplicated downloads. Any ideas?


  • Jon
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    Marking the account as closed should also disconnect it from downloading, but maybe something went wrong with that. Go into account settings & on the Display Options tab click the button to reopen the account & press Save. Then go back into account settings again and on the Downloads tab verify the account is not connected:

    Once you're sure the account is disconnected, close it again.

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  • R Strax
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    Thanks for the help! I did just do that. I will follow to make sure the double downloads stop. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.

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