how can I remove Projected Balances from Bills & Income screen?


I want the Upcoming Bills and Income list and until a recent update, that's all I had on my screen. Now the tab is named Projected Balances and I can't see a way to get rid of it but still keep the UPcoming Bills and Income report.


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    Do the menu bars in your Quicken window look like this?
    In the image, I have selected the Projected Balances view. You can see its first line at the bottom of the image.
    To switch to the Bills, Income & Transfers view just click the words circled in blue.

    When selecting the "Bills & Income" tab (or any other tab in the Tab Bar), Quicken always opens the most recently selected view, whichever of the available choices it was. Click the other choice's text to switch views.

    If you want a quick 1-click method of always directly "Going to Bills, Income & Transfers", you can customize the Quicken Toolbar and add its icon to the Toolbar (shown circled in red above).

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