Continous CC800 Errors with First Community Credit Union

MABazz Member

Have contacted CS numerous times about CC800 errors with First Community Credit Union of Missouri. Oddly enough, the data is still syncing with the financial institution, but I can't see the data across my other devices. One of the numerous times I have called CS advised me to change my bank password essentially putting the error on the bank and guess what it still didn't work. Getting frustrated paying for this software which I technically can't use. Quicken needs to get it together. As of the moment, I can recommend anyone use the product but rather advise anyone who is seeking the use of financial tracking software to stay far away from Quicken. The CS has been less than able to provide a solution. The last agent I spoke to ended the call with "This is the end of the road, we have tried everything, we can't escalate it any higher."

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