Spouse Paycheck wizard is adding a closed checking account as the default deposit and I can't remove

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My wife's paycheck reminder broke in early June, and I had entered everything in as an income reminder. This was causing some reporting issues for taxes, so I wanted to get the paycheck series working again.

When trying to create the new series of paychecks, it kept defaulting to a deposit account for a closed checking account, that is hidden. I'm unable to edit or remove the account, and it's creating splits in to the closed account.

I'm on Win 11 - version R51.12/Build


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    Is this account really correctly "marked closed" in Quicken? Or did you just hide it?

    Look in Tools / Manage Hidden Accounts to see if the account really is marked closed. If not, do close it there.

    The Paycheck wizard, based on what I read here in the Community, still seems to have ongoing problems.
    If all else fails, I suggest you stick with a correctly categorized Income Scheduled Reminder.

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