Security Changed names on 8/25

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How do I change the name of a security and maintain its history. The security was bought on 6/20 and on 8/25 changed its name.
If I just change the name my concerns is the historical prices prior to 8/25 will be lost and i want to avoid that if possible.



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    Just go to Tools > Security List and update the name of the security. Updating the name will have no impact on historical prices.

    Edit: You didn't say whether it also changed tickers. If the ticker changed you can also update that. When you do it will ask if you wish to copy the price history to the new ticker.

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    i see online that the original etf is no longer traded and has no historical prices as they have been associated with the new name. This means using the new security name and ticker symbol must be used to retrieve the historical prices. Like you said, all that is needed is edit the name and the symbol and all should be good to go.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Just so everyone reading this is clear, when you edit (change or rename) a security name, all historical transactions with the old name get changed to the new name. That is of no meaningful importance, but might be disconcerting to some users who want to know they originally bought ‘old name’ company.

    It might be helpful to put a note in the security details information field, or to insert a reminder transaction in the transaction list. If you use the Rename Security action, it will insert that reminder.

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    so…. what is the new ETF ticker ?

    never understood why folks don't mention that right at the begining to make it easy for all of us following along -

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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