Checks will not pull from tray I designate

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I have verified my Quicken program is up to date. i am a long time Quicken user and have successfully printed checks using manual feed. Now it's not working. I have my printer set up to pull from manual feed source, both in the main Check Printer Setup Screen and in the "Properties" screen that appears when the button next to the printer is clicked. Quicken keeps pulling from the main paper tray. I am certain this is a Quicken issue because I have tried two different printers, going through the setup in all areas of Quicken where I can indicate a paper tray - same result of pulling from main paper tray on both. I reviewed some previous posts and tried the suggestion to "Validate and Repair" with a reset all Quicken printer settings - then went through complete setup AGAIN - still the same result- it pulls from the main paper tray. I even tried setting up so that both partial and full check pages were set to manual feed. Same result.


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    What printer make and model do you have?
    What Windows version?
    Have you checked to see if there's a new version of the printer drivers available to download and install from the manufacturer's website? The driver which comes with the Windows installation may not be up to date.

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