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I am in the process of cleaning up sold lot specifications on a security so that the holdings view in quicken matches my investment report. I have reports out of quicken and investment company that match on bought and sold entries so I have the detail and balanced on paper how the lot specifications should be entered. I started on the earliest sold worked forward. I was rocking along then hit a snag. I have a bought transaction on 1/27/20 for 31 shares. I have a sold entry on 2/24/20 for 9 share and specified lot 1/27/20. Lot reports are fine and show 22 after the entry. I have another sold transaction on 4/29/20 for 22 shares sold from lot 1/27/20 BUT Quicken only has 17 available. The lot report for 4/28/20 shows 22. My question is this - could a sold transaction AFTER my entry date of 4/29/20 that species a lot 1/27/20 have an effect on the edited 4/29/20 transaction. For instance, if I have a transaction say 12/31/20 for 5 shares allotted to lot 01/27/20, would it affect this entry I want to correct 4/29/20. If so, (bummer) how do I find that transaction. I don't see a Lot activity report. I know i can get around it but before I enter to many more, want to know what I am up against and have a plan.


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    I would be looking at a Cap Gains report. You can customize that to the one security and extend the time frame as long as necessary. You might move off the short/long term breakdown. You might export the report to Excel so that you can sort by date acquired.

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