Quicken 2017 murdered


I paid for the stand-alone application 6 yrs ago. I have no interest in connecting with banking or any other financial institutions. All I want is to keep a record of my credit card purchases and payments of bills.

I just recently needed to perform a Windows reset which required new installations of all the apps that weren't shipped with the computer. The installation appeared to go fine until I tried to open my data file. After hours of attempts to get the file to load. I researched the problem online. Bing AI informed me Quicken no longer allows the installation of legacy versions of Quicken that require a Quicken ID. This isn't right. It's not my problem that they developed an application prior to 2017 that could be passed around without paying. The required ID was a step toward correcting that. It shouldn't be used to hold the app hostage and force me to join their subscription service.


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