Synching Data on 2 Macs

Alexander940 Member ✭✭

I am running Quicken for Mac, Version 7.2.2 (Build 702.49933.100) on laptop and deskop. Is there a way to synch both files so when one is updated, it can be applied to the other file?


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    No, Quicken doesn't support syncing between multiple desktop computers. There are a couple ways to deal with that.

    One is to turn on Mobile Sync, and use Quicken Mac on one Mac and Quicken on the Web on the other one. This is probably the better way to go if you switch back & forth between computers frequently.

    The other is to move your file back & forth between computers. You can't store your main Quicken file on iCloud but you can save a backup copy to iCloud or some other cloud storage after every Quicken session; whenever you want to switch computers you download that backup to the other computer. This works for me as I only use Quicken on my laptop when traveling; when I return home I switch back to my desktop. So I'm not changing computers very frequently.

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