Filtering LAST DOWNLOADED is not accurate

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Why doesn't this filter work? It seems you've been having major issues for YEARS with your integration with Chase Bank ever since you did an update about 5 years ago…you through me all OUT OF BALANCE and keep having issues ever since!


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    First, you are not talking to Quicken employees here. This forum is primarily user to user. If you want to talk to Quicken, you need to contact Quicken Support (link at the top of the page).

    What is the issue you have with the Last Downloaded filter? Is it showing nothing when there should be something? This can occur when there was an intervening connection made after the previous download. This will reset the counter and appear as if nothing downloaded.

    Suggestion: Make sure the Status column is visible (menu View > Columns). There will be a blue dot in that column for downloaded transactions. As you review them, click the blue dot and mark Reviewed (the blue dot will go away). Then use the Not Reviewed filter to see downloaded transactions that you have not yet reviewed. You can review a bunch at once by selecting them, then right click on any of the selected transactions and then Set Status of Selected Transaction(s) To > Reviewed.

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